Sept 2022 White paper on Cross Border Trade




This paper describes a highly scalable operating model for digitisation and trust of cross border trade based on verifiable credentials, linked data, and decentralised identifiers. It provides national regulators with implementation guidance that will facilitate:

  • Full & rapid digitisation of exports without any dependency on trading partner readiness
  • Traceability through the supply chain
  • Automated compliance and risk

The role of regulators in this model is to provide trust anchors The main task for UN/CEFACT is to publish its semantic standards in format that is compatible with the VC technology so that they are easily usable by implementers around the world


Context is trade facilitation: primary audience is regulators. As a white paper has the status of guidance material

Credibly addresses why other solutions are unlikely to persist at scale, and hence why a decentralised architecture should be embraced

Potential challenge with mutliplcity of DID methods 'Verfiable data registries" needs some clarification

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