Recommendation 49 released for public comment

Recommendation 49 released for public comment

I'm thrilled to be able to share to the Pyx community the release of Recommendation 49 for public comment.


This is just the start of a ton of work that Trust Architects will be able to take advantage of.  The next component of work that will happen in parallel to the public comment (which closes on June 19th 2024) is the UN Transparency Protocol, which are the actual implementation protocols.  These protocols are at:


📢 UN/CEFACT established a project “Transparency at scale: digital solutions for trust - resilience and sustainability” in 2023, aiming at providing guidance for countries on scaling traceability, transparency and trust in supply chains so that unsustainable practices have nowhere to hide.

📈 This project is building on ECE Recommendation No. 46 which defined standard processes and data structures for textile and leather traceability & transparency and guided by principles in the White Paper on Verifiable Credentials.

🔗 Today, 19 April, the draft Recommendation No. 49: Transparency at Scale has been published for a 60-day public review period with deadline on 19 June:

🔹The recommendation document provides guidance to countries on the implementation of scalable supply chain traceability, transparency and trust frameworks that will enhance sustainability and resilience.

💼We invite all enthusiastic experts in the field to contribute with comments and inputs!

ℹ More information about the project can be found here:

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